Jazz in Paris

"Easy Gourmet" "music" "band" "musician" "event" "wedding" "jazz in paris"” Inspired French adaptations of popular jazz songs performed with aunique charm and finesse “



"easy gourmet" "jazz in paris" "event" "wedding" "music" "band" "musician"

The Jazz In Paris Project is fronted by French-American singer eVe Buigues and Scottish guitarist Kevin Glasgow. As entertaining as they are unique, the Jazz In Paris Project bring us a refreshing new sound with original French adaptations of familiar standards such as Night And Day and All The Things You Are. Creative renditions of traditional French classics like Edith Piaf’s La Vie En Rose and pop tunes such as Sweet Dreams and Prince’s quintessential Kiss can also feature in their set. The Jazz In Paris Project can be hired as a duo, trio, or quartet, depending on your taste and budget.




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